~ Upcoming events ~

Summer is the season for eating, drinking, and gathering with friends.

We cannot resist the idea of hosting the Italian themed dinner at Le Blanc.

As you reminisce about your last trip to Italy, strolling hand-in-hand down the cobblestone streets of Florence and happening into a quaint Italian restaurant, embrace the fresh of our pizza stove cooking your pizzas. 

Viva Italia at Le Blanc 

6.30 PM - 10 PM

17th June

15th July

12th August

Burger Grill Night 

It's time to dust off the grill and prepare your taste buds for some delectable burger recipes.


Friday 24th June

Friday 8th July

Friday 30th July

Saturday 20th August


From 5PM onwards

A night of dancing to 80's Music with DJ PORT MONNET

Saturday 16th July - 5:00 pm


Welcome to Le Blanc Sunday Brunch 


A healthy brunch and a sunny weather are half the happiness on earth on Sunday.

Enjoy a fresh selection homemade delicacies. In addition to homemade Birchermüesli, popular breakfast classics invite you to feast: scrambled eggs from organic eggs, Fotzelschnitte with fruit compote, pancakes with maple syrup and golden brown fried Rösti. Sunday plait, nut bread and croissants in organic quality are accompanied by fine jams, honey, cheese, tofu cold cuts, fresh fruit and much more.

Every Sunday 12AM -3PM 

Put your coy bow boots and bandanas on for our annual Western Party !

Country music and BBQ all night long.


Saturday 23rd July, starting at 7 PM

Join us in our annual White Party in celebration of the summer!

Find your most eye-catching white outfits and put your dancing shoes on for a night of dazzle.


We recommend reserving in advance for dinner.

Saturday 6th August, dinner starting at 7 PM

A night of dancing to 90's Music with DJ PORT MONNET

Saturday 13th August - 5:00 pm